What make us the best dentist in Valley Springs

Our Philosophy

Our Endeavour is to provide you with quality dentistry through a gentle touch in a caring atmosphere.

Level of Care: The role of a dentist is rapidly changing from that of a dental surgeon to an oral physician, as it is being proven time and again that the health of our oral cavity is directly related to our systemic health and general well being. For example, it is now a well known fact that patients with uncontrolled diabetes and tartar have more severe Periodontitis (infection of gums and bone). Keeping this in view we perform a comprehensive exam including x- rays, oral cancer screening and a thorough charting of the existing restorations and lesions you may have to ensure that you have healthy teeth and gums. We not only restore broken or decayed teeth but also provide you with cosmetic options to ensure that you achieve optimal oral health and self confidence.

Excellence in dentistry: Dr Daman Gill has at his disposal extensive education, cutting edge technology, state of the art equipment and a well appointed office. Our staff is highly trained and has been selected for their compassionate nature and willingness to help our guests. Our appointments are custom made for each patient depending upon the length of the procedure they need, so that we have ample time. We use the best quality materials and dental labs to ensure that we provide you with the highest quality of restorations and prosthesis available.

Safety and Sterilization: We follow the highest standards of hygiene and infection control to prevent cross contamination. We follow the protocol set by the CDC - Center for Disease Control, OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration and ADA - American Dental Association. Our operatories are sterilized between patients and handpieces are autoclaved (steam sterilized) after each use.

Communication and Education: Dr Gill believes that his duty is not only to provide his patients with high quality dentistry, but also to ensure that they are equally involved in their dental care. This results in better prevention of dental diseases. It is his belief that well informed and educated patients are the best patients. We always make it a point to explain to you in detail, the diagnosis after your exam, the necessity of the procedure if you need one and how it is done. We also review your health history every six months to stay updated about your health and any new medications you might be taking, as they may impact your dental health.

Your Comfort: We understand that the thought of having a dental procedure done is unsettling for some patients. We look forward to change this opinion by providing them painless dentistry in a cozy setup and this is reflected by the décor of our office and the demeanor of our team. Through our sincere efforts and dedication we want to forge lasting relationships in our community by winning your trust and confidence.