Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is a confluence of sound fundamentals of dentistry: an artistic touch, experience, foresight and imagination to have a clear idea of the final goals and results, good communication skills to understand the desires of the patient and help them realize the limitations - be those biological, material or physiological.

A good cosmetic dentist will not only be concerned about giving you a beautiful smile but will try to enhance its longevity, function and your overall oral health as well.

People want cosmetic dental procedures for different reasons:

  • Some had beautiful smiles when they were young but don't find their smile attractive anymore because of factors such as their teeth being worn out, discolored (yellowish), crowded or spaced out and just want their old smile back
  • Some were never happy with their teeth to begin with but didn't do anything about it until now as they didn't realize that they have options and can change the way their teeth and their smiles look

So depending upon the situation you may benefit from smile rejuvenation or a complete smile makeover (smile-design). With today's cutting edge technology and advancement in dental materials, Dr Gill has at his disposal various tools such as safe teeth whitening systems, no prep veneers and natural looking crowns to give you that dazzling smile you have been longing for.

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